Thursday, May 31, 2012

We have guests!!

Steve and Julie are here!

We've wandered the village (jetlagged - they were such heroes!)

gone to the markets

and climbed Dentelles, of course...

                                                ( It's a beautiful walk, it never gets old.)

We've been to a Cherry Festival

and slipped into a gorgeous pre-Christian pagan temple that served as a Roman temple and then as a Christian Baptistery.

We came home for some wine and a bit of this

Under this.

                                                     (Aren't they clever chaps!)

Later we did The Walk To Seguret  

and picked bunches of wildflowers on the way home.

Really, it's awfully good fun.  Thanks for taking the photos, Julie and Steve  :)


Sharon Robards said...

It looks like sooooo much fun, one can’t help but be envious.

mccardey said...

Between you and me, Sharon, watching the blokes wrestle that umbrella into shape was the most fun Julie and I have had for some time. I'm surprised we managed to get the pictures, we were laughing so much.

Ah, competence. I remember it well...