Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's come over all Winter, now...

I'm not sure if it means to keep on like this, but we dived from a still-pleasant 15 degrees yesterday, to just under 7 today. The Mistral roared in last night, and blew round the village (can anything be more glorious than this old house with a storm around it?) and this evening the windows have started to mist a little.

Quick note to Anne and Alex: remember to bring your woolliest jumpers. ;)

We haven't turned all the heaters on yet - but the wind made driving tricky: MétéoWeather says it's making the temp feel like four degrees - with a feeling of minus five to come, before the night is over.

If we can catch the roar of wind on the i-phone, I'll try to post it here. For the moment - it sounds like trains, with a stone-wall-and-church-bell overlay. Close your eyes and imagine.

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