Thursday, November 15, 2012

For my writing friends....

Let's mark this day down as the end of writing Part One. Ta-dah! New Novel, as it turns out, is going to be  literary *sigh* again, and All In Three Parts. Again. (Translation - lovely reviews, dismal sales.) But nil desperandum. My characters are settled, the plottage is plotted, the first 1/3 is of wordage is worded  and I do think - no, really I do - that this one is going to be ready by August. Just not sure which August...

I know - it's a boring post, if you're not a writer. For the rest of you, then -

here's a photo of a little hidden vineyard that I have decided will  henceforth be known as mine.

Because hey - why not? Or, if you'd prefer, I could do you a lovely shot of a mushroom.

 These are the local funghi. Edible, but owing to the colour and such, still vaguely alarming...

And just so it doesn't feel left out -
what with all the chat about New Book - 
a linky to Old Book.

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