Monday, April 16, 2012

Seguret Village

Our nearest neighbour is pretty Seguret - a tiny village about two kilometres away, a dear little place, walled, like ours but older I think and cobbled and nearly lost until it was re-invigorated by a few far-sighted people who thought it was much too pretty to crumble forlornly away.


So wasn't that lucky?

It seems even less busy than Sablet now that the tourists are out of the way, and Joss took us up there last week, to show us the prettiness of the entry, and the views and the church which houses a photographic record that goes back a century and more of  the nativity play that is put on each year with the villagers playing the roles and the newest village baby playing the Christ-child: and I thought (but didn't say) that there's likely some battling for position in March each year...


Unknown said...

So beautiful.
But hat we really want to see Monsieur Paul,preferrably slumped, at ze cafe, with beret, gauloises and a bottle of red,aka Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and Jean Baudrillard and Rene'I drink therefore I am' d cart.

mccardey said...
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mccardey said...

I deleted myself! On my own blog!!

I forget what I wrote, but it was something along the lines of "Steve! Is that you???"

Unknown said...

Is that virtual suicide??
I think it ..eblogger, asked me who I was when I submitted, thought it would show on the post. It asked far to many personal questions..goodness knows what spam I will get for identifying my gender as Other.

mccardey said...

Ah, but you see this is an almost-private blog - it can't show up randomly on google and I have comment moderation on to screen out all the nasties.

Of course, we're relying on my near-total ignorance of How The Internet Actually Functions, but I feel pretty confident.

(Please don't destroy my pretty confidence...)