Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stephanie arrived while we were sans internet

And I think she's rather taken with Sablet, all things considered. It was lovely to have her here for two or three days but of course she has plans and shot off to Paris early this morning on the TVG.

She did the Seguret walk with me, though,


and we went to the markets at Nyons

and climbed the Dentelles

and drove down to Rousillon of course,

and went out to dinner.

Plus there was laundry.  

She's coming back after Paris-and-Spain and we're going to go up to Switzerland and look at hills and stuff.

Honestly, how pretty is this country? All these photos were taken on the hop with a really pretty erratic little iphone.


Lisa Spangenberg said...

Love the photographs; thanks so much for posting them.

mccardey said...

Isn't it lovely? Can't wait to take my Real Camera out for a walk.

Makes me wish I could paint - but I always wish I could paint. Or draw. Or find my colouring-in book.