Friday, August 17, 2012

We're agreed, aren't we -

that Sablet is the most beautiful village in France,

what with the  -->                      

and the

and the              ^

and all of the



to say nothing of these -->

We're agreed about that? Well - come over here a minute.

In almost the middle of France, in the Burgundy area, there is an absolutely precious wee town called Beaune. It's all pretty squares and and the roof-line is utter perfection. It was quiet when we were there, almost empty - most of France having crammed itself into a  municipal campground in Fieurie with a manager who was terribly rude to everyone; we booked in too, but really he was too mean. I did feel sorry for everyone else, though not enough to hang around, frankly. Despite his assurance that there were no other campgrounds at all where we would find space, we barrelled into a lovely one, clean and friendly a short way down the road on the bank of the river at Creches-Sur-Soane (and I'm sure there's a lesson in that.) But I digress -


Quiet and lovely, modern, rennaissance, medieval, Roman, pre-roman in places,

and friendly and welcoming and full of echoes and - please don't tell Sablet this - I could live there, I really could. It's close to Paris, closer to England in case we want grey skies and rain, close to Switzerland in case I want Paul roughed up again, or smugged on and close to Germany which is good because of my girl-crush on Angela Merkel More importantly - much more importantly, it's close to Vix.

I've wanted to see Vix since I was eight years old - and it didn't disappoint.

I could get up to Vix -  me and my bolt-cutters and a metal detector perhaps - pretty much every weekend...


lj said...

OK, dites-moi. Qu'est-ce que c'est Vix?

mccardey said...

Dans le chapitre suivant. Je te promets.

Terr said...

At first I thought you wrote Beaune. Also a wonderful city where we had a very good meal with wines matching each course and my father had to take my mother, always a cheap date, on a walk after dinner.

mccardey said...

Ouch! I did mean Beaune, of course. And I hope your mother enjoyed the walk just as much as the dinner. ;)

Anonymous said...

ooh I love the photos.

- Timmy V.

mccardey said...

Hello, Timmy - fancy seeing you here!

Just while I've got your attention - I really loved that short story of yours. Well done.

Rufus Coppertop said...

I'm envious!

stephlet said...

you will take me here when i visit next time, yes? yes.