Monday, August 6, 2012

Grande Fete Votive

Sablet has gone into Party Mode - and oh how well she does it!

A Friday-Wednesday festival - covering most of the major delights. It started, of course  on the village petanque field - where we acquitted ourselves, it must be said, Not Badly At All. We didn't win, exactly, but we made it through the first round sans deshonneur-

which surprised at least one of us, mightily. There are tiny little petanque courts hidden all round the village, and people have clearly been sneakily practicing up for ages. We'll be ready to take them on next year, now that we know; we'll get Anne back here, and field her and Paul as a team.

It's not all Killer Boules though -

Yesterday, there was boot-scooting,


 merry-go-rounds and dodgems and fairy floss; tug-of-war, side-show alley - and tables of grown-ups with grown-up drinks and card games that looked  quite a lot like poker. 

There were children and joy and laughter all through the day and into the night.

And talking of night  -
                     when the sun left the sky at last, very late - there was dancing.


Sharon Robards said...

It looks magical. Hard to imagine a place where there is still light that late at night.

mccardey said...

It's beautiful, Sharon - it really is. I think you'd love it. I'll bet Little K would ;)