Sunday, January 6, 2013

froid et venteux..

We're reading about heatwaves in Sydney and terrible fires in poor Tasmania, and here it is six degrees -

and feels like two because of the Mistral. I love that wind - but it blew me back before I'd gotten half way to Seguret today, and I think it looks set to stick around. It still surprises me after all this time - the fierceness of it, and the unexpected shifts and swings in direction. Joss warned me that it was no day for walking - but what's a little bit of wind? I thought.

Live and learn...

(Just after I moaned about it here, I received this delicious little note: enfin tu as connu le mistral sous son vrai jour! tu es maintenant une vraie provencale!!! So now my undignified retreat down the hardscrabble track through the vineyards seems quite poetic. Why does everything always sound so much better in French?)

It's cold and bleak and there's none of le glanage or grapillage any more. The earth is resting.

Heart you, France.


Anonymous said...

I experienced le Mistral in Villeneuve les Avignon, at the top of the castle there last spring, we had to hold to the wall not to fall.
congratulations on being une vraie Proven├žale, lol

mccardey said...

It's a tough old wind! We saw it pick up a table of ancient books and dump them straight into the river at Isle sur la Sorgue.

It was a little bit like watching Michiko Kakutani in action. ;)