Monday, July 16, 2012

Bastille Day -

- and the library at Vaison (home of our beloved ruins) has found the most gorgeous way to celebrate.

Books! Livres en randonnee - books left at random on pillars and plinths

and on bridges a thousand years old and more. There for the taking.

There was music, of course, and food and feasting 

(and fashion.)

But we liked the books best of all. And the nightlife, because the light doesn't leave the sky till after 10:30pm

And the children, tired out but sweet, 
staying up for the fireworks. 

Happy Bastille Day. 


Terri @ family objects said...

I was in Paris once on Bastille day. The opera gave a free performance - I stood in line with some Russians for hours, got a seat in the 12 row orchestra and saw La Cerentola or La Cendrillon I think in French. Magic! Love the idea of a book celebration of course :-)

mccardey said...

France knows how to do stuff :)