Saturday, July 7, 2012

While they were here -

These are some of the things we did and loved with Annie and Graeme:

wine tasting,of course;

climbing les Dentelles (yes, again – but further than ever this time), cooking salmon and duck and cabillaud and mussels and fish, watching Paul tear his hair out inventing spectacular dishes of seasonal food with enormous success

We shopped at the markets, went to vides greniers, wandered the old Roman amphitheatre at Orange - and the ruins at Vaison, and churches and abbeys all over the place; we walked up to Seguret and on to the fort, gleaning cherries and plums along the way - and we talked and talked. I hadn’t realised how much I’ve missed the pleasure of speaking nothing but English to friends.

At Vaison they met our artist, and sweetly and sneakily bought one of her limited edition prints for the wall in Sablet. It will come home with us one day to live in a grandchild’s nursery: and we’ll always remember the time we spent with such old and dear friends in this wonderfully old and dear village….

oh, and PS:  I said I wouldn't say anything, but Anne was the undisputed champion every evening on the petanque court; although Graeme – who honestly believes that a walk, or a drive, or a game of petanque is not quite complete without vanilla icecream – played bravely despite his sling. In fact we all tried our best in the face of unusual skillz - to say nothing of some outrageous Victory Dancing.

We have photos of that, too...   ;)


lj said...

A sling.......????? and pink to boot.....!! Come on, divulge!

mccardey said...

I have no idea, Laura - he arrived, damaged...