Monday, July 23, 2012

Third weekend in July

The sunflower and lavender seasons are pretty much over now - and it's festival season.

Sablet is all under books - the fabulous Journee du livre is on this weekend and there are famous authors, musicians, artists, singers

and chefs (of course)  - over a hundred writers and thousands of books.The nearby villages - Seguret, Roix, Rasteau, Vaison, Violes are countering strongly with concerts, soirees, jazz, blues and opera -

... and pretty Caromb had its Fete de Figues -

But Sablet can turn on the music as well. We spent a lovely evening listening to old Provencal songs in which vines and grapes and girls figured strongly

- and when that was over and they'd gone home

We had Phil! 

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