Sunday, March 24, 2013

Joss and  Mme E. take us up to see the church today - and I lose my heart to it immediately.

I have loved it all year, of course, when it tolls every hour (twice, in case you lost count the first time - Sablet is that kind of village) and every half hour when it whispers a kind of  "Yes, the day's passing, but slowly - no rush. Don't rush." It's ringing five as I write this and I wonder if I will be able to recall the exact warm note and tone of the bell when I'm finally back home again. I'd record it, but knowing that it was only recorded would be too sad to bear.

The only thing we can possibly do, then, is come back to hear it again.

It's the loveliest church I've ever been in, and I've been in some churches. Built in two centuries - the 12th and 14th - it is smaller than some. It is just the right size, in fact; and so bright, with the well-worn floor and  the thick, thick walls that are full of the whispers of calm and cool and silence.

A beautiful place

Next Book (not New Book, but the one after) is going to be set in a village in France, with just such a church as this - and it will be funny and bright and full of love and laughter.


Michel said...

You are very fortunate. I have never been inside that church. Shirley bells tolling a little differently one evening and went up and found the church open. So I am very happy to see your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

AKM Beach said...

I think these are my favorite pictures you've shared. Simple, elegant, and peaceful. That there's a prime thinkin' spot.

mccardey said...

Michel, I was very lucky - and it was so kind of Mme to open it up for us. It's just the right size and perfectly lovely.

mccardey said...

AKM Beach - I'm guessing you're another writer? Just think of all the novels I could have finished (or not) if I'd found my way inside earlier... ;)