Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So - packing is fun

But I've said that before, haven't I? This week is full of last things - last walks to Seguret, last vide grenier, last Vaison marche, last dinners with friends. I cleared out my study today

and turned it back into a bedroom, for the next people. You'll love it, Next People. You can start your new novel in there -

(I did.)

Or you could use it for a bedroom again, of course, when your friends come over. We did that, too. 

Little finches will come to the window if you hang a seed-ball up for them on the shutter latch. The church bell starts to toll the hour at seven a.m., but it isn't intrusive. I left some pins in the cork-board for you, two stamps and a couple of pens and postcards in the top drawer of the desk. Because people love postcards.


Kyla Houbolt said...

Oh, I feel you in this. I am moving too, not quite so far as you, but even so, I felt blue walking around the little garden today, clipping dead stalks from last year, seeing the new little Nanking cherry tree blooming for the first time; I won't be here to see much more of it. I am sad about this even though the move is wanted and chosen.

Michel said...

You inspire me to look closer at our surroundings in Sablet. I might even start my long delayed book.

Anonymous said...

I really need to go to Séguret on my next trip!!

mccardey said...

Kyla - :hug: I hate leaving.

mccardey said...

Michel - start it.

The Beloved and I have noted your resto for our next trip stateside :)

mccardey said...

Wordsandpeace - Séguret never changes. It's just quieter sometimes... :)