Thursday, March 28, 2013

Six more sleeps...

until we're home again. And so Joss and I set off for a morning ramble down a little chemin that we've walked in every season now. We spend a lot of time fighting through brambles, a  lot of time calling the dogs to come out of the mud - they do love the mud! -

 and we gather branches of box and laurel and bay for Joss's family's Easter table.

And I realise I'll be gone before Easter comes.
But our landlords, Pierre and Christine come to take us out for lunch at les GenĂȘts (blog-mate Michel's excellent review is here) which is delicious in every way:
 perfect food, good wine, and the most convivial company. A lovely afternoon and full of laughter.

I will miss Joss, though - and our walks through the chemin.

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